Best coffee spots of Brasov

A good coffee warms not only your body, but your soul. Let’s discover together some of the best coffee places we found in Brasov.

Croitoria de Cafea

On Iuliu Maniu 17, in a little space, you will find a beautiful, tiny and cozy coffee shop, which is Croitoria de Cafea. Here, uou can choose to serve your coffee outside or inside. The menu includes the usual coffees, such as espresso or flat white, but also iced coffee or iced flat white, in the summer. You can also buy freshly roasted Arabica coffee.

The prices are very affordable and corresponding to the quality of the products. They start at 4 lei (less than one euro) for a 20-25 ml espresso, and go up to 14 lei (almost three euros for 100 g of grounded beans). If you also want to try something else besides a coffee, you can also choose tea, bottled lemonade or juice made from different kinds of fruits (orange, apple and more). Also, you can grab a snack, such as homemade cake, brownies or cookies.

The coffee shop is open from 8am to 7pm during the week, from 9:30am to 6pm on Saturday and from 9:30am to 4pm on Sunday.

Flat White. Photo source: personal archive


First think about coffee. Then, imagine a cookie. Or an ice-cream. Or a brownie. Then, imagine any topping your heart desires. Now combine all of them together. You would say this is madness, right? Well, you got that right, because this is exactly the name of one of their most famous product.

Besides the exquisite sweet dishes, such as Frappeol (which is a much more chill version of the Madness drink), you will also find the regular espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte and iced latte. Regarding the snacks, you have options such as cookies and croissants and also ice-cream in three flavors (chocolate, vanilla and mint).

The price range is medium, as it starts from 8 lei (approximately 1.50 euros) for a classic espresso and goes up to 20 lei for a Grande Coffeol Shake (approximately 4 euros). They serve three different coffee assortments, as in Arabica, Organic and Decaf. In regards to the Madness-es, the prices range from 25 lei (approx. 5 euros) to 34 lei (approx. 7 euros).

The coffee place found in Michael Weiss 18 st. is open from 8am to 10pm every day of the week.

This is madness!
No. THIS. IS. SPA- nevermind, it’s actually named ”Brownie Madness”.
photo source: @dessertsinbucharest

Note: this article is not sponsored. We are not affiliated with either of the locations we spoke about in the article.

These are our first suggestions for some great coffee places in Brasov. Have you visited them already? Tell us your thoughts about them in the comments or on our Instagram account and we will include them in a future article.

Until next time,

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